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Nitrous Oxide

At Asheville Family Dentistry in Asheville, NC, we offer nitrous oxide to patients of all ages.

At Asheville Family Dentistry, we offer nitrous oxide to patients of all ages. Something that makes us different from other dentists is our focus on your comfort throughout your entire dental visit. Whether you are worried about your own appointment or have children who become very nervous and anxious when visiting the dentist, our team of experienced dental professionals can help. Without proper oral hygiene and care starting very early in life, the teeth can become decayed or infected, resulting in painful problems that require additional treatment.

If you’re worried about an upcoming dental visit and your nerves keep getting the best of you, don’t worry. We can make sure you won’t feel a thing. Nitrous oxide helps you remain calm and comfortable during your dental procedure. The time will fly by, and you will be completely relaxed and worry-free. In addition to providing you with a more positive and relaxing experience, nitrous oxide helps our team, as well. You will be able to better control your gag reflex when you are more relaxed, and most of our patients move less when sedated, which makes it easier to get the work done quickly. Since you are relaxed, it also helps to save time and may require fewer appointments to complete your dental procedure.

If you have questions about nitrous oxide or you would like to schedule an appointment, please call our Asheville, North Carolina office today. We have years of experience in all types of dental services and can provide care for your whole family.

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