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Dental Implant Restorations

Our quality dental implant restorations in Asheville, NC can help keep your smile looking its best!

Missing teeth can really affect your self-esteem and your ability to chew. It can even make it embarrassing to talk or smile. If most of your teeth are still healthy, you probably don’t need dentures—instead, consider dental implants. Dental implants are the most durable and permanent tooth replacement option available. Like the natural teeth they replace, implants are built to withstand the everyday pressures created by normal biting and chewing activities.

At Asheville Family Dentistry, our team specializes in dental implant restorations. We can refer you to a dental surgeon who will implant a root into your jawbone, and then we’ll create the false tooth, also called a crown or a dental implant restoration, that goes on top. Your implant restorations will look and feel just like your natural teeth!

What happens if my existing implants need repair?

For patients with existing implants, it is possible you may need to visit your Asheville dentist at some point for a repair. You shouldn't have to worry about damaging your implant crowns while biting into an apple or chewing your favorite cut of steak. However, it is possible for implant crowns to break, chip, or crack under certain circumstances, just like natural teeth. If you experience a problem with your implants, we offer dental implant restoration using the latest technology available.

For minor chips and cracks that do not threaten the structural integrity of your implant crown, the crown can usually be reshaped and restored without replacement. If the damage to the crown is significant, it may need to be replaced.

Occasionally, implants may need to be re-tightened or replaced due to normal wear and tear over time. Excessive force and pressure from a grinding habit, or if the number of implants is insufficient to support your teeth, can also affect the integrity of the implant.

In need of quality dental implant restorations in Asheville, NC? Call Asheville Family Dentistry to schedule an implant consultation!

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